интернет казино paypal

Offline or online casino, European or American blackjack, i OS or Android gambling, and whatever battling topic that comes to your mind.

At the end, your decisions boil down to another point: "Which payment method should I use to send or receive money?

" The fact is: there is an innumerable number of payment methods offered at online casinos' banking category.

The top kings are Skrill and Pay Pal: They are both popular, fast, and convenient so why exactly should there be a battle?

The debate of which e-wallet is the better has been on the scene for a while and an ultimate winner is needed.

Let's dive into the pool of both services and discover the better option.

Pay Pal is more popular than Skrill in any way possible.

Pay Pal is just two years older than Skrill (1999 vs.

2001), yet the market dominance of Pay Pal is significantly incomparable.

Whether you are buying a product from e Bay, donating to Wikipedia, or simply carrying out transactions, Pay Pal has always been the first choice.

However, the online gambling market doesn't show much love for Pay Pal.

The number of online casinos accepting Pay Pal is a handful when compared to other industries.